Ham and Cheese Rolls

Since W and my nephew K graduated from pre-school and grade school respectively, we prepared a joint graduation salu-salo. We have decided to make it an afternoon merienda 'til dinner event, and since my SIL was making some spaghetti and liempo cutlets, I'll just prepare pica-pica food.

The succeeding posts (I think there's three) are part of the pica-pica platters I made. These ham and cheese rolls were easily wiped out as W and cousin T were snacking on this already while I was still assembling it.

***Note: This is not the ham & cheese BREAD rolls you're thinking of...teehee =)
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Ham and Cheese Rolls

15pcs tortillas
15pcs cooked ham (spiced/sweet/what-have-you)
1pk cream cheese (about 1cup)
3tbsps chopped herbs (basil & parsley/what-have-you)
dash of salt & pepper (optional)

How I did it:
I mixed the cream cheese and chopped herbs in a bowl, and added some salt and pepper, then set it aside.
In a small pan on low heat, I warmed the tortillas on both sides just until it becomes soft and slightly browned.
I then assembled the rolls by spreading the cream cheese mixture over the tortilla, then topping it with ham, then spreading some cream cheese mixture again over the ham. 
I firmly rolled the tortilla-ham-cheese into a log - the cream cheese will hold the roll not to open up - but you can use toothpicks anyway.

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I was able to make 15 rolls and cut each into four. I used toothpicks for easy picking and to avoid the mess of accidentally opening up a roll while still in the serving platter - it's a kids party remember? Well, our little ones were responsible enough to know that the picks are not for playing - so to be on the safe side, remind the kiddos to be safe with the picks if you're using them. =)

Advice: don't scrimp on the cheese - spread it thickly! =)

Note: I can't recall where I got the recipe or idea from - so if this is your original recipe, let me know so I can give credit to you. =)

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