My 2011 Birthday Wishlist - Reloaded

I've made my initial birthday wishlist a few weeks back and told y'all I'll update it before the BIG day. haha!
Each year especially before Christmas, I make my list just so I have a goal-wants list of sorts in black-and-white. Usually, items listed on my list are mainly material things - goodies I want but would never splurge on with my own money (well with a few exceptions of course).
Since W learned how to write, I also taught him to make his lists.
You'd be amazed how each year, most of the items listed down on our lists get crossed out.
We receive/get our requests even in unplanned situations (like the DKNY Be Delicious perfume from my dad haha!)

Here's my list this year 28's (in no particular order):
  1. A laptop battery for my recovered Neo OR a Toshiba A665 3D. 7/26/12 I gave my old Neo laptop to my nephew, but bought a new battery and charger for it so it is good as brand new. I also bought a Toshiba P745, way cheaper than the A665 3D - I don't need 3D anyway.
  2. a monthly dinner date with M to restaurants of my choice. *haha* ***I call it a truce...dinner dates not required. teehee!*** 5/27
  3. iPhone 4 (or 5) or an android phone from Samsung. *my N900 can't last a full day* ***Samsung Galaxy Tab it is! 
  4. Le Creuset cast iron pans or a Griddle pan. ***4/27 received a stove-top griddle from 2B! hooray!
  5. Books! -- mostly cooking know-how or chic lit. 
    1. *Le Cordon Bleu Complete Cooking Techniques book; 
    2. *Hunger Games Trilogy; got this! 5/27
    3. *Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larrson; gotcha! 5/25
    4. *Eat, Pray, Love ***4/25 yay!gift from 2A! 
    5. *SAS Survival Handbook for any Climate in any Situation (geek much?!);
  6. a food processor ***got blender with multi-functions 
  7. a Barbeque Grill - electric or charcoal - any will do  ***M and I bought a cheapo grill.
  8. a Silpat baking mat - the Petit size
  9. a non-invasive treatment for my stretch marks and bat wings. *wink* *currently doing exercises targeting this area, wish me luck!
  10. Trip to Europe...or to South Korea or Beijing, China.
  11. Hillshire Farms 'Lil Smokies
  12. Tagaytay vacation with my family 
  13. Mochiko ice cream mochi ***4/17 got Dezato ice cream mochi balls (but still want Mochiko) ***Finally got Mochiko through Mercato Centrale! Yay!
  14. a Lacoste classic everyday bag or a Le Sportsac shoulder bag or any everyday bag ***4/21 received a biggie Steve Madden bag from ate! ***and a bigger Lacoste classic everyday in chocolate brown =)
  15. a Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine ***4/27 the stove-top grille would suffice. yay!
  16. Harry Potter DVD collection *Once HP7 Part 2 comes out =)
  17. a Spice rack 7/26/12 We bought a Swivel and Store rack during our visit to the US
  18. Game of Life, Sorry or Pictionary board games
  19. colorful Silicone spatulas ***got myself plain ones for baking. yay!
  20. electric Peppermill
  21. a set of Springform pans - smallest to biggest! =)
  22. a pretty Wall clock for our home  7/26/12 a little different from what I hoped for, but yep it looks great on our wall! hooray!
  23. 9-minute Marinator
  24. sachi nama chocolates - from Heavenly Chocolates or Royce
  25. my Enjoy Card renewal on September I've decided not to renew anymore --- I am trying to cut down on 'dining out' expenses :-) So in a way, I am doing myself a favor by not renewing hehe!
  26. cure for my plantar fasciitis *got myself some jelly sole-pads early this year but I think I need something else.
  27. clothes shopping spree or new clothes ***4/24 got a blouse as a gift! =) ***I realized I already shopped for clothes (and shoes) at different times for different occasions since early this year! ^o^ 
  28. Peace on Earth =)
I will cross out the items whenever I receive them. Let's see which of which will remain. =)

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