Bicol Express

Before my leukemia and medications left me sores in my lips and mouth for some time, I was a fan of spicy food. I think I am still one but I try to stay away just to prevent the sores from coming back.

One of my favorite turo-turo meals is the popular Bicolano spicy dish - Bicol Express.This dish is said to  be named after the train travelling Manila-Bicol. I am pretty sure most of you know (Pinoys) that the Bicol region is popular for making great spicy viands and that almost all are even great for pulutan (food taken in with beer or alcoholic beverages). 

Here is my version of Bicol Express - Please note that I want my BicolEx meaty so I'm using half a kilo of pork and that M is allergic to shrimp so I minimize the use of the shrimp paste.

Bicol Express (Sinilihan)

5cups Long chilies/lady-finger chilies (siling haba), seeded and julienned
1/2kg Pork Liempo, cut into 1/2" strips
2pcs onion, minced
3 cloves garlic, minced
3cups Coconut Milk (or 1 1/2cup coconut cream + 1 1/2cup water)
1/4cup Shrimp Paste
Salt and Pepper to taste
*Fish Sauce or Soy Sauce - depends on your preference

How to do it:
If you're using fresh chilies, soak it in salted water for about 20minutes (or more) after cutting them julienne style. Rinse then strain. Do this to reduce the spiciness of the chilies.
In a pan, saute the onion and garlic. 
Add the pork then the coconut milk.
Simmer until the pork is cooked through and the coconut milk reduced.
Add the shrimp paste and season with salt and pepper.
Best when served with steamed rice.
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Anonymous said…
hi maan! weng to mommy ni johann. i hope you don't mind i copied yung recipe mo. :)
how's andrei btw? hope he's adjusting well sa new school. well johann ang reklamo eh matagal daw ang school. whole day kse sila.
i always read your blog kya continue posting lalo na mga recipes. :)
ingat lagi and God bless! :)
maan said…
Ate Weng! Sure! Oo naman, no problem. =)
Ok naman si Andrei, nag-aadjust din kami at malayo ang byahe.
Wow, whole day na sila Johann! Ang bilis lang lumaki ng mga bata no.
Text text tayo. Meet tayo nila Ate Mel pag medyo maluwag na mga sked natin. Ingat lagi and God bless!


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