Chili-Ham and Cheese Lumpia

I've been craving for that Chili-Lumpia I tried in Gerry's before and by a caterer my brother usually contacts when they have parties at home. I searched online and landed on overseaspinoycooking's website. I followed the recipe but I did not make the dipping sauce anymore. =)

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Chili-Ham and Cheese Lumpia (recipe adapted/borrowed from overseaspinoycooking)

20pcs siling pansigang (lady-fnger chilies)
20pcs ham (sweet, spiced) cut into strips as thin and long as the chilies
20pcs cheese strips (I used Eden cheese) cut into strips as long as the chilies
20pcs lumpia wraper
oil for frying

How I did It:
I washed the chilies, made slits along the length of each then took of the seeds. The chilies I got are very fresh,  so I've decided to soak them first in a bowl of salted water for about 15minutes. (I want my 6yo son to be able to eat this =D)
After soaking, I dried the chilies using paper towels then started assemby. I placed the cheese inside the chili through the slit, then covered the opening with the ham.
I placed the chili/cheese/ham on top of the lumpia wrapper with the stem outside of the wrapper then folded the lumpia wrapper.
I did the same with the rest.
In a frying pan, I heated oil then deep-fried the lumpia until golden brown. Best served fresh from cooking.
I omitted using a wrapping batter like what the recipe from overseaspinoycooking said as I think the wrapper will hold. But if you want, just mix 1:1 ratio of water and cornstarch, then dip the assembled lumpia before deep frying.
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Thanks to 'overseaspinoycooking' for this recipe! =D



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