Creamy Carbonara

M is a very picky-eater. No doubt where W got his picky-ness from. But if there's any type of dish he'd be very willing to be served any time of the day, even everyday, it would be pasta.

I take it upon myself to learn as much pasta dishes as possible so I can give him variety. Carbonara is one of the basic types I know. It's very easy and simple!

Creamy Carbonara

400g pack of pasta (spaghetti/fettuccine) cooked as per package directions
1 1/2 cup diced ham
1 cup diced bacon, cooked then drained of excess oil
1 cup diced chicken meat (I used the breast fillet), boiled
1 cup sliced button mushrooms
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup fresh milk or evaporated milk
1 420g canned Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom condensed soup
1 can (using the can of mushroom soup) of All-purpose cream
4 cloves garlic, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
salt and pepper to taste

How I did it:
I cooked the pasta following the package directions then set it aside.
For the sauce, I sauteed the onion and garlic in a pan.
I added the ham, chicken and bacon.
I added the mushrooms next and mixed everything well.
I then poured the milk, mushroom soup and all-purpose cream.
If you find the sauce too thick, you may want to add some water to dilute.
Simmer for a few minutes and stir once in a while to prevent lumps.
Add the shredded cheese then stir again. Season with salt and pepper.
Simmer for about 2 minutes more then it is ready.

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If you're serving the dish right away, you might want to mix the cooked pasta to the sauce during the last 2 minutes of cooking. This way, the sauce wil be spread evenly and the pasta will absorb the sauce well.

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