Delimondo and Other Corned Beef Musings

Oil spells heart attack! Pero masarap ang bawal. LOL.
I love corned beef! Those salty and flossy, sometimes chunky and spiced beef meat that's usually sold canned. I grew up eating it straight out of the can but sometimes my lola would elevate the taste a little by sauteing it with onions, garlic and tomatoes. On special days, I'd have it hashed by adding diced potatoes in the mix or eat it omelette style.

Living in the US for quite some time gave me the opportunity to taste some of the brands available there. I come for grocery shopping mostly in Albertsons, Costco, Walmart and 99Ranch. I remember having Libby's, Hormel, Hereford and Palm all at the same time in my grocery cart and the cashier from Albertsons asked me if I was throwing a corned beef party. LOL. If you're wondering what my answer was, I said 'yes'. LOL.

I like Hereford the most among the four brands maybe because it isn't too salty (but the one available locally is salty). Their hash variant however tastes too grainy and made me realize that I am never going to be able to find good quality corned beef hash anywhere. Cooking it from scratch is still the best way to have it.

I've tried almost all local brands and find the one by Purefoods the best so far. I could finish a big can by my own and I don't like to share. <insert evil laugh here> 

What excites me (other than the feel and taste of corned beef) is the process of opening a can using that small 'key' then pulling and coiling the tin to expose a perfect block of beefy goodness. I find myself almost always eagerly volunteering to open the can whenever we eat corned beef and though I find it so cool, I still fail and break the tin about 30% of the time. hahaha!
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I cannot remember which came first - me finding Delimondo corned beef in S&R or reading about it in Yummy magazine. Anyway, being the corned beef fan that I am, I got myself cans of both the regular Ranch Style and Garlic & Chili varieties no matter how expensive it seemed. (The 400+g can costs Php150+.)

The next morning, I opened the big Ranch-style can good enough for say 4-6 persons (depending on a person's appetite). It was oily but was definitely good. M agreed with me that it's tasty with just the right saltiness. Since that very morning, I was itching to open the Garlic and Chili can so I can have a taste also. And so, it became officially a corned beef day as I fed M and W nothing else but corned beef. Bad, bad me.

Delimondo it truly a must! I love the Garlic and Chili! I love it that I actually do not mind that it is way costly compared to other regular corned beef brands. Value for my money. The beef shreds are actually long, and there are also chunky parts. It is really premium corned beef goodness in every bite.
Corned beef rice anyone?
I am now thinking of new and unique ways to serve my corned beef. Gahd. I wanna be an endorser. (Along with my Century Tuna endorsement dream LOLOL.)

Delimondo Corned Beef are available at:
Petra and Pilar Restaurant (JAKA Center Bldg, Exportbank Drive cor. Chino Roces, Makati)
Salcedo Village Weekend Market
Legaspi Village Sunday Market
Ayala Alabang Saturday Market
and recently in Mercato Centrale.
It is also sold in S&R Membership Shopping and selected Robinson's Supermarkets.

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fran =) said…
maan!!! ill share the list also in my blog ah :) hope u dont mind :)
Maan said…
sure! thanks for dropping by. =D
Gale ramos said…
Which robinsons supermarket po?


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