Manila in BBC's The Toughest Place to be a Bus Driver

British channel BBC has this "Toughest Place to be a..." show. I recently came across a YouTube video of their episode about Josh West (a Londoner) who came to Manila to try out driving in our crazy streets using a jeep. A Pinoy jeepney driver named Rogelio Castro became his host and 'mentor' during his 10 days stay.

Watching this video is like seeing the daily lives of every average Juan. Other than the "driving swap" Josh also learned a lot about Philippine culture. Truly a mix of emotions. 

See 35:00 onwards and 42:08 onwards...I feel them both. *sigh*
45:38 shows another means of survival Pinoy style - re-cooking and selling thrown away food a.k.a. 'Pagpag'.

It is sad to face the real situation of our society now but heartwarming to see a foreigner in the person of Josh West be transformed into a more thankful and appreciative man.

Watch this video and let me know what you think. =D

*I wanted to insert some comments about family planning and contraceptions with regards to Elsie's condition (a girl also featured in this video) but I think I'll do that in another blog post --- RH Bill.*

Posting this video on a Thankful Thursday.
We have a lot of things that are far better than what others have ---
we should always be grateful and thankful for them.

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Neon Messiah said…
You need to check out the return of Josh to Manila and his reuniting with Rogelio 2 years later.
Heart warming stuff

Review and iPlayer link on my blog
Neon Messiah said…


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