Parvati Home-Made Dessert Shop [Top Picks]

Amidst all varying origins of the word Parvati, I'd like to think its being the Goddess of Power should top it all. 
Because now, Parvati in the foodie world is like a dessert Mecca that gives sweet-toothed beings like me a piece of heaven on earth. 
For me, sweets are like my powers the same way Darna has her magical 'bato'. LOL.
It energizes, soothes and brings me happiness. =D
:: :: ::
I always make Gourdo's my excuse to M whenever I am in Trinoma just so I could sneak into Parvati and load myself with sweets. 
Though he agrees that there's a lot of good treats to try in Parvati, he doesn't like the idea of me spending much money stuffing myself. 
So there, now he knows my excuse. haha!
:: :: ::
The last time I dropped by Parvati, I bought three goodies that I find the best in the lot and without realizing, patronizing the bakers who are in someway related to me.
Here are my Parvati Dessert Top Picks (in no particular order):

The first goodie is the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes
Small Php200, Medium Php370, Large Php680
Made by 'Desserts by Fiona', this is truly one delectable dessert. I am a fan of the regular fluffy Brazo and this frozen version is a welcome change. The base is made from graham cracker crumbs followed by a layer of ice cream, then the custard and finally the meringue. The light and airy feel of the regular Brazo may have been reduced but it was replaced by the cool and smooth texture of the ice cream.
Parvati also offers another version of this frozen goodie, Frozen Mango Brazo.

These are my take-away boxes. I can't finish everything at once so I brought it home to share with my loveys.
The next goodie, and the perhaps the best among all that I've tasted in Parvati is the Triple Decker Chocolate Cheesecake
Mini. Php140

This cheesecake has smooth and rich layers of chocolate cake, then cheesecake then topped with another moist chocolate cake. No wonder it was voted as the top dessert in a contest held by Ayala Malls. The homebaker of this decadent dessert is Melinda Torre of Kusina Torre who is a sister of my high school batchmate Bea. 
I've been hearing a lot of good words about Kusina Torre's creations from our high school friends and I've been a 'fan' of their multiply site even before they joined Parvati.

The last but not the least is The Dome cake.
Small Php125, Medium Php235, Large Php700

The Dome cake must be the sweetest among my top picks. Having chocolate and Nutella in the list of ingredients, I declare that it is sinfully indulgent. The chocolate cake is covered with dark chocolate ganache and has chocolate morsels around it. (Count how many times I mentioned chocolate okay?) The core is filled with Nutella chocolate mousse. Definitely spells y-u-m-m-y!
This cake is created by Myra Avisado of Sweet Sherise, the wife of my cousin Michael. Props to Ate Myra for also making delicious Cassava de Leche and Fudgy Brownies!

:: :: ::
Thumbs-up to Parvati for bringing together winning products by really good homebakers. I mean, with the rising costs of raw baking ingredients (I know, because I also bake) I can still say that all of the items sold in Parvati are products of joyful labor and uncompromised quality

"Always the better choice...homemade."
These are freezers! The pictures/description outside corresponds  to the products found inside. Neat concept!
Dropping by Parvati is a must especially if you are a dessert-lover!
You may find them at the Trinoma Mall's Mindanao Ave. Lobby 
(Below National Bookstore; Beside Gourdo's)
They accept advance orders. Just call them at 9011428.
If you want your desserts delivered, you may call 2121212 for Quickdelivery service.




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