Pork Sinigang

Who doesn't love sinigang
My son W, would not complain even if I serve him sinigang the whole week.
It is amazing how sinigang makes him eat more and faster and healthier.

Sinigang is a general term for a Filipino soup characterized by its sour taste that comes from a souring agents such as tamarind, guava, kamias and even the Japanese miso. There are also powdered ready-mixes available to make cooking sinigang a breeze.

The basic ingredients are comprised of - the meat (either chicken, pork, beef, fish or shrimp), vegetables (like sitaw(yardlong beans), gabi(taro corms), labanos(daikon), okra, kangkong(water spinach), sigarilyas, mustasa(mustard greens), talong(eggplant), etc.), onions and green chili pepper. The variety of ingredients that are incorporated in this dish makes it even more interesting to eat.

For now, I'm sharing with you my Pork Sinigang recipe.
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Sinigang na Baboy (Pork Sinigang)


1kg pork cut into chunks (or ribs/liempo)
1 large onion, quartered
3-4pcs tomatoes, quartered
1 pack of sinigang powder mix
1 medium radish (labanos), sliced
5 pcs medium-sized taro corms (gabi), halved
1 bundle (or about 8pcs) of yardlong beans (sitaw), cut into 2" long
1 cup of water spinach leaves (dahon ng kangkong)
3pcs green lady-finger pepper
*2pcs pork bouillion cubes (optional)
fish sauce to taste

How to do it:
In a pot, boil the pork cuts with the onions.
Once fork tender, add the tomatoes, labanos, gabi and sitaw slices.
Once the vegetables are cooked yet still crisp, add the kangkong leaves and peppers.
Simmer for about 5 minutes then add the seasonings - sinigang mix and bouillion cubes.
Add some fish sauce according to your preferred taste.
Best when served hot with steamed rice.

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Des said…
Sinigang is my son's favorite too! ;D We love it really sour! ;D Your site makes me hungry! Have a Great Day! Dropping by from innit. ;D
Maan said…
Thanks for dropping by!
Sinigang is indeed a popular favorite! =D
Visited your site too!


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