Turon (Saba Banana Spring Rolls)

Our summers are never complete without banana-Q's, halo-halo and turon. My FIL would send us freshly harvested saba bananas to take home from their place. I'd make a variety of snacks and dishes from the hands of bananas we have and so far, turon is the family's summer favorite this year.

Turon (Saba Banana Spring Rolls)

Saba bananas, peeled (halved lengthwise if it's too thick)
Lumpia wrappers
Brown sugar
Jackfruit slices/slivers (Langka) or Cheese slices *optional
Cinnamon powder *optional
water for sealing the wrapper edges

How to do it:
Roll the bananas into the brown sugar.
Sprinkle with cinnamon powder generously then with a slice of jackfruit (or cheese), cover with the lumpia wrapper.
Seal the edges with water.
Deep-fry over medium to high heat until the wrapper is golden brown and crispy.
You may serve it with ice cream like what I usually do! =D
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