Catching Up

Forgive my absence.
It's been a week or so, and I am still trying to experiment on my routines.
Catching up on blogging is in the middle of my long list of to do's.

I still have to write about Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical, my overdue Spiral Buffet pig-out (which happened twice already a few weeks apart), over two months worth of recipes, some motherhood insights I get to ponder on day to day.

You have to see my blogger drafts.

I've placed reading in higher priority as I want to catch up on the pile of new books on my bedside. I'm getting excited for Hunger Games - with the casting being revealed already.

We watch movies more often now. I was wondering how long it has been since the last time we were like this but it feels good now that W is also with us to enjoy. No more BF-GF dates. Wholesome family quality time indeed. Yesterday we watched Captain America. Ohh. I haven't even blogged about my review of Thor, XMen First Class, Transformers...gah.

I'm typing whatever comes to mind right now.
There's surprisingly joy in the midst of being spontaneous, going with the flow.
That isn't me, but somehow the randomness makes me feel relaxed.

This should be it for now.

Typing via my Galaxy Tab. I gotta write about how much I love this thing right now.


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