Fried Cream Dory Fillet with Honey-Mayo Sauce

What sets a Cream Dory fish apart from the ranks of tilapia or bangus is that it has a mild taste and soft, silky and almost melt-in-your-mouth texture (if prepared just right). Sometimes I wonder, isn't all kinds of fish like that? But each time I eat a cream dory, I get that enticing aroma and enjoyable feeling bite after bite that I don't usually experience with other cooked fish.

I brought this dish on a Sunday brunch with the whole family. I have two plates overflowing with fried cream dory and I wasn't surprised if it was one of the first wiped out on the table. =)

Fried Cream Dory Fillet with Honey-Mayo Sauce

Cream Dory Fillet (I buy the frozen ones in the grocery, usually comes in a pack with four pieces of whole fillet inside)
Salt and Pepper
Eggs (lightly beaten)
Japanese Breadcrumbs
For the sauce:
1/2 cup of mayonnaise
3T mustard
1/3 cup of honey
*adjust the taste according to your preference

How to do it:
I did not give exact measurements as you may adjust according to your needs. =)
Just get a whole fillet, clean and wash it then pat it dry.
Slice into small strips (about as long as a finger) then season with salt and pepper.
Roll the fish strips on a bed of flour until well coated.
Dip on the bowl of lightly beaten eggs then roll again, this time on a bed of Japanese breadcrumbs.
Repeat the process until every piece of your fish strips are coated.
On a frying pan or deep-fryer, heat some oil and deep-fry the fish until golden brown in color.
To prepare the sauce, just combine the mayonnaise, mustard and honey on a bowl and whisk together.
Check for your preferred consistency and taste. Adjust the proportions if necessary.

:: :: ::
This is really very easy to prepare and one sure way to encourage the kids to eat their fish! =) Enjoy!




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