Bale Dutung [Mercato Centrale]

I am finally down to this blog post but I still couldn't figure out if we really liked it or not.

Much like a porchetta sandwich which uses thin slices of fatty meat, the Pan de Bagnet has Ilocos bagnet in between bread slices. Inspite of trying hard to make this dish healthy by incorporating fresh vegetables, I still couldn't make everything go well together in each bite because the slightly sour taste of the sauce and the after-taste (and smell) of fresh onions ticks me off. 

Pan de Bagnet's been receiving mixed reviews and perhaps this blog post is one of the confused ones.
I love bagnet and I truly do but I am not a fan of slightly sour tasting sandwiches.
Maybe...just maybe.

Try Claude Tayag's Pan de Bagnet in Mercato Central every weekends.
You gotta try it for yourself. =D

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Anonymous said…
didn't work for me. after months of craving after seeing it on TV. I was quite disappointed. wasn't even able to finish the sandwich. It makes for a pretty picture though. maybe the taste is just not for everyone.


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