RSM Lutong Bahay

RSM is famous for their Bulalo.
And surely their Bulalo is love!

 We headed to RSM Lutong Bahay in Calamba Bacnotan one cold rainy evening just to have their famous bulalo. Yep, all the way from Manila. Haha!

M was feeling guilty of the fatty Bulala we're about to partake...hence the fish.
surprise! a big pot of hot BULALO!

Bulalo = Heart Attack =D
Sago't Gulaman ftw!

a wide selection of Filipino dishes

W just gotta pose!
RSM's awards =)
Lucky the place wasn't crowded that night...
So long RSM! Til my next BULALO cravings! 
Visit RSM  Lutong Bahay to have a taste of their Bulalo and a whole lot more!

Check out their website [LINK]

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