KAOS: When Las Vegas meets Broadway

My dad is celebrating his ...ty-seven birthday on March 1st and so we've decided to celebrate at Resorts World last weekend. Luckily, the show KAOS is still running (it is on a 6-month run since December of last year) and we booked 23 of us in the family. Too bad that they don't allow babies inside the theater so my barely 2y/o neice (and hence the mom & dad) were unable to join us (but are set to watch next week but without the baby).

The show started promptly at 3pm, with ushers politely guiding guests to their seats in the Newport Performing Arts Theater (at the 3rd floor of Maxim's). Most of the viewers were families with kids and families with balikbayan relatives and foreigner friends. M and I were seated at the middle-front row of the Balcony area while the elders (mom, dad, lola and our balikbayan tito and tita) were at the Deluxe. The kids and my bro and sisses were at the far back of the Balcony area.

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The story of Kaos revolves around the quest of Prince Walter (Pinoy Idol finalist Gian Magdangal -- but it was the alternate-which-I-forgot the name who performed when we watched) to find the girl of his dreams. Through a magical mirror, he sees the heroine Giselle (Portuguese-Canadian Martha Joy) and follows her to the future with the scheming Advisor (Joel Trinidad) and the King (Jemuel Victorino). While these artists sang (through the accompaniment of the Manila Symphony Orchestra) and acted throughout the show, there was never a dull moment as stunts and tricks were beautifully interspersed throughout the storyline.

Kaos was the name of the real white lion which helped Prince Walter defeat the interfering advisor (who also wanted to make Giselle his own). The other wild cats that appeared on the show was Sito the white tiger and Betty the yellow tiger. Master Illusionist Enrique Polo, who also played the role of the Good Wizard trained them. Oohs and ahhs can be heard from the crowd, and I was very amused to see the reaction from my son's face as he watched intently throughout the show.

My favorite stunts were the heart-stopping act of the Human Time Machine from Columbia (I was trying so hard not to let out any wild scream as we watched one of them use a skipping rope in top and around the rotating platform) and the Cycle of Life (the motorcyclists --- all five of them whizzing around a big ball --- from Spain). I literally became prayerful as I called out God's name and prayed none of them get hurt!

The other performers were also very good -- The Defying Gravity Troupe from China, the macho men The Power Duo and acclaimed dancers from Europe and the 2008 World HipHop Dance Champs The Philippine All-Stars (who before the show was walking around Maxim's inviting people to watch the show.)
All in all the show was worth every cent we paid for. (Though until now, I am still bothered by some few things: (1) that there seems to be more chemistry between the Power Duo than Prince Walter and Giselle, (2) that dancers' asses are still flashing before me - in their shiny red thongs and (3) that Enrique Polo's face --- had to appear in the big screens (all 3 of them) zoomed in each time, before he appears in front of the stage with the wild cats.) LOL. That's just me.

At the end of the show, the audience were given a chance to have their photos taken with Sito, the white tiger. How I wished it was the real Kaos instead (and and and...not the cheeky mascot) but Sito is definitely okay. We had to pay a high price of 600php though just for one shot. (I'll post the picture once I've scanned it)

KAOS is surely a must-watch for adults and kids alike!

***I'll add more pictures later on =)
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I got these details from the Resorts World website that you may find useful:

Show Schedule:
Wednesdays: 8:00pm
Thursdays: 8:00pm
Fridays: 9:00pm
Saturdays: 3:00pm & 9:00pm
Sundays: 3:00pm

UPDATE: There will be no KAOS shows on February 26, 2011.

The following dates are already sold out: March 30
April 6, 13, 20, 27
May 4, 11, 18, 25

Ticket Prices:

Upper Balcony82PHP 988.00
Balcony569PHP 1,188.00
Deluxe398PHP 1,888.00
Premiere315PHP 2,688.00
VIP136PHP 2,888.00

Buy your tickets at the RWM Box Office located at the main casino entrance.

Ticket Discounts Offered:

Resorts World Manila Members *
Emerald Card10%
Silver Card15%
Gold/Platinum Card20%

* Transactions should be made at the RWM Box Office only.

For more details visit the following websites:

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EDSA 25th Anniversary Events

Received this email from my high school alumni association egroups. A bit too late but may still be of interest to all of you ---

EDSA 25th Anniversary Events
For your information for EDSA 25th Anniversary Events.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

It has been a habit for me to surf channels upon turning on the tv before I finally settle with one show. Just weeks ago, I chanced upon a tv plug of "Chuck's Day-Off" - a show by Chuck Hughes being aired at the Asian Food Channel(AFC). There was a moment during the plug where Chuck was placing a dollop of cream over red luscious cupcakes --- that gave me this lightbulb moment. =)

While AFC posts the recipes featured in all their shows in their website, (to which I managed to find Chuck's recipe for "THE CUPCAKE" I was craving for) I still used the power of Google and found alternate versions.
I have decided to use the recipe from McCormick simply because I felt the ingredients required were easier to find compared to the others. 

:: :: ::
Red Velvet Cupcakes (McCormick's recipe)

2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup milk
1 bottle (1 ounce) McCormick® Red Food Color
Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting (recipe follows)

*Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting:
1pk/8oz cream cheese
1/4cup butter
2tablespoons sour cream
2teaspoons McCormick Vanilla Extract
1pk/16oz confectioner's sugar

How I did it:
After I pre-heated the oven at 350degF, I mixed the first four ingredients (flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt) in a bowl.
In another bowl, I beat the butter and sugar using an electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy. 
(***okay, I bought a 3d portable stand mixer for Php1400+ to replace my dead Moulinex hand mixer -- don't tell M! shhh...***)
I added the eggs in, one at a time then mixed in the sour cream, milk, food color and vanilla flavor.
Gradually beat in the flour mixture, on low speed until just blended.
***It is a must that we do not overbeat the cake batter especially once flour is added as this will toughen the cake (I've read about it somewhere --- that overbeating promotes gluten formation, hence the tough cake).
Spoon the batter into 30 cupcake cups, filling just 2/3 of it.
Bake for 20 minutes or until the toothpick inserted at the center comes out clean. (I extended the baking time for a minute or two by leaving the cupcake pan inside the oven even after I turned off the heat -- which created cracks/bursts on top of my cuppies -- but you may stick to the original 20minutes more-or-less time) 
Cool on wire racks before putting the frosting.

The frosting is easily made by mixing together the softened cream cheese, softened butter, sour cream and vanilla extract in a bowl. When the mixture is already light and fluffy, gradually beat in the confectioner's sugar.

I transferred my beaten frosting into a piping bag, refrigerated it for a while before putting it over my cooled red cupcakes.

:: :: ::
My niece T turned 7 last Feb 16, but we celebrated on the 19th. I promised my Feb baby I'll bring cupcakes as another gift for her. I made the Red Velvet Cupcakes the day before and placed it on the lower rack in the fridge and took it out an hour before the party. My sister-in-law found ready-made icing toppers and we just placed them on the cupcakes. She also made additional cupcakes using store-bought banana and butter cake mixes and just added raisins and strawberry bits).

Happy 7th Birthday T! Tita loves you a lot! =)

Angry Birds

After this video was successively posted in Facebook by some friends, I couldn't help myself --- got to share this too!

It's so cool to have parents make uber special cakes for their kids. With a fun, fun game like Angry Birds (I do have one in my phone) translated into something edible --- it's gonna be one fun and crazeh birthday party!

Strawberry-Cream Pie

While I love just about anything sweet, I still enjoy 'tart n' sweet' more. So I'd usually go for the frozen yogurt instead of the usual chocolate ice cream or I'd mix my melted chocolate with sweet-sour fruits like mango and strawberries.

I've been craving for some pies the past few days but I can't get M go to Banapple to buy me banoffee pie. Luckily, my sister gave me a pack of strawberries as a pasalubong from Baguio, which I intended to make into a smoothie (for some quick fix). I later on decided to make a pie after seeing a pack of crushed graham cookies in my cupboard.

I am writing the recipe in sequence and just highlighted the ingredients in between. Saves some effort. haha.
:: :: ::
I took 1cup of crushed graham cookies and put it in a mixing bowl together with 1/2cup of white sugar and 1/4cup of melted butter to make the pie crust. Mixing everything well until I got it nice and moist, I then pressed it evenly on a 9" pie pan and placed in the freezer while I prepare the filling.

For the pie filling, I cut my washed and hulled 1cup strawberries into small cubes and set it aside while I boiled about 1/4cup water. While still boiling hot, I poured the water into a heat-proof bowl and mixed it with about 90g (or a pack) of strawberry flavored gelatin. I made sure I dissolved the gelatin completely by stirring it continuously and at the same time I was able to lower down the temperature of the mixture (from boiling hot to just lukewarm). I got 1-1/2cups of chilled all-purpose cream and mixed it in the gelatin mixture together with the cubed strawberries. Once well-combined I poured the filling to the pie crust I made.

I put the pie back into the freezer (or chiller) and let the filling set for about an hour or two. I skipped putting whipped cream on top the way others do (but you may if you want to) since I've been cutting down on my calorie intake. Instead, I incorporated strawberry slices (excess) and placed it on top of the filling before it is completely set.

:: :: ::
And so now, I have a pie for dessert tonight. I should have made this earlier this week for Vday if I only I thought of this recipe soon enough. I hope M will enjoy this later together with the Beef with Brocolli and Mushrooms I cooked. =)


My 2011 Birthday Wishlist

Since April is fast approaching, I am now making my birthday wishlist! 
Here goes:

>>>A new laptop. I'm still mourning over my 'dying' laptop. I need one badly.
Either I get myself an Apple Macbook Pro or Toshiba Satellite A665 (hopefully the 3D one).

>>>A sturdy baking gadget. I feel bad that my hand-mixer broke down just weeks ago while I was making muffins. Now I am back to the tedious manual mixing, and I am worried that I might not be able to create the same quality and texture of the baked goods I used to do without my mixer.
I want a Kitchen Aid Stand-Mixer - preferably the lime green one (okay I'll be fine with the red.heehee)
I already bought a 3D Stand-Mixer and is now sitting pretty on my kitchen counter. =)

>>>New books to read. Those who've been to my house must have seen my bookshelf. Heehee. (Will post a picture next time). M would probably disapprove, as I am already filling all the empty spaces there. 
I've been eyeing these books now - The Hunger Games books (yup, with the movie coming soon, I must!), The 39Clues books and a few to join my food/baking/kitchen cook books (I love hoarding kitchen know-all books heehee) - 12,167 Kitchen and Cooking Secrets (P1199),  Larousse Gastronomique (P3215), Le Cordon Bleu Kitchen Essentials (P1095), The Competent Cook (P839), The Pastry Chef's Companion (P1045) and The Baking Answerbook (P719).

For now, this is it! Will definitely update this before the B-day! =)


The Balladeers on Valentines Day

M and I were fortunate enough to have a generous dad, who gave us 2 tickets to "The Balladeers on Valentines Day" show held last February 14. Free Vday date!

Held at the Manila Fiesta Pavillion of the Manila Hotel, the show is a benefit concert as the proceeds will be for the construction of the San Roque Church in Agmanic Santa Fe, Romblon.

We arrived early (7pm) but the show started about 9pm. Dinner was served promptly after we were seated. --- Our ticket included a dinner, though I believe they also sold 'show-only' tickets as there were seats lined up at the far end of the pavillion;

Welcome to My New Blog

Since we moved to our new home last November, I have been in total control of my own kitchen.
I make meal plans, do the grocery and whip the simplest to the most complicated recipes I ever had.
There are times when I savor every moment that I am in the kitchen.
I cook and bake almost everyday when I am in the mood.
But there are also times when I have other chores to do, work or simply just not feeling well - that I have to think of the easiest but the tastiest meals I could do.

I am no chef and have no formal culinary education.
My love for cooking started when I was still a kid, watching and helping my lola prepare our meals.
I learned cooking the Pinoy staples like sinigang and adobo without a recipe in hand - but by using my discerning tastebuds.

I am happy that despite having a picky-eater husband and son, I still satisfy their appetite and that I am able to feed them with enough nutrients that we actually need.
Hopefully, I'll be conscientious enough now to share and post my recipes like the way I did in my Multiply site years ago.
Please come back from time to time and see what's cooking in my kitchen...