UPIS Kindergarten Admission Test Results AY 2015-2016

Congratulations to the admitted students! According to the UPIS website, deadline for filing of intention to enroll is on May 8, 2015. Kindly check http://www.upis.upd.edu.ph/ for more details.

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randy said…
Hi, Nice site thanks for sharing. Would it be okay to contact you through your email? Please email me back.
randydavis387 gmail.com
Anonymous said…
Hi Maan! Do you have the results for this year's UPKAT (2016-2017)? Thanks!
maan said…
Hi, kindly check my latest post. Thank you! :-)
Unknown said…
Ask ko lng po may result npo b yung kinder exams for 2016-2017 thank u po. Sbi po kc May 2 po ang result til now po wl p po kmi narerrceive thank u po.
May result npo b entrance exam last April 12,16 for kinder. Sbi po kc may 2 ang result til now po wl pkmi nrereceived n result.thank u po
maan said…
Meron na po. Kindly check my latest post.
Patriot Blogger said…
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Patriot Blogger said…
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Unknown said…
This book was super helpful. Thanks for the aid!
Anne said…
This book was super helpful. Thanks for the aid!
MischAdventures said…
Can't open the OLX post. Anyway can you send me details on how to get the book.
Unknown said…

Thank you so much for your consideration and advice! I think it will help me a lot. thank you for this good articles

dokdok said…
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