My 29 List --- 2012

Blogging has taken a back seat in my life the past months (okay, make that a year...sorry guys!) so I missed on writing about a lot of things that happened in my life. :-)

Anyway, I thought of still posting my "29 List" this year even if it's way too late. My "List" is an annual thing I do --- a wish list of things I want to receive, be it a need or a want. :-)
Sometimes I get lucky, that even if I think one wish is too much ('luho' na lang) I still get it, thanks to my very generous family and friends --- don't get me wrong, I never 'insist' ha! hehehe! :-)

In my "28 List" last year, I got more that 50% of what I wished for (*note: material things*). From those I did not get, I'm including some in my 29.

Here goes:

1. Long-overdue Visa renewal and US trip 
2. Books!
     a. Le Cordon Bleu Complete Cooking Techniques book;
     b. John Green books: The Fault in Our Stars; Paper Towns; 
         Looking for AlaskaWill Grayson Will Grayson; An Abundance of Katherines;
      c. 39 Clues upcoming books (I have until the Cahills vs Vespers #3)
      d. SAS Survival Handbook for any Climate in any Situation; <LOL!>
      e. Ann Tyler books: Accidental Tourist; Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant; 
          Breathing Lessons;
      f. The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom (by September!)
      g. ...and if I may include all books that W's collecting too! :-)
3. Trip to Beijing or Seoul (Europe would be nice too!)
4. Complete (1-7b) Harry Potter DVD collection
5. a kitchen vacuum sealer which works like a 9-Minute Marinator <okay sige na nga, 9-Minute Marinator na lang! hahaha!>
6. Fullybooked or National Bookstore GC's so I can buy #2
7. Visit The Mind Museum --- I have donated in behalf of W (a Periodic Table of  Elements donation) and want to show it to him :-)
8. a 'bundle of joy' for A&G and M&M :-)
9. XBox 360 with Kinect and Dance Central DVDs to go with it <waiting for Dance Central 3 to come out soon>
10. A bottle of perfume --- I can't believe I've actually used up all the bottles in the rack! Escada Island Kiss; Clinique Happy; CK One;
11. A new pair of slip-ons to replace my worn out Toms
12. A cute dress or a fancy blouse :-)
13. Free supply of milk teas from Serenitea, Cha Time and Cha Dao hehe!
14. A set of springform pans
15. Baking lessons <and cooking lessons too!>
16. Date Coco Martin or Guji Lorenzana harharhar! :-)
17. Non-invasive treatment for bat wings! LOL!
18. Cure for CTS and plantar fasciitis :-(
19. BBW Pocketbac(s) --- in Paris Amour
20. Bikram Yoga sessions for free
21. Find a jogging partner - M(?) and finish a marathon
22. Invest in MF or stocks
23. Treat my parents to a spa weekend
24. A weekender with M at Antonio's
25. Learn to play the violin with W
26. Free supply of Subway sandwiches every morning! LOL!
27. Royce chocolates from M :-D
28. The ring :-P
29. World peace! :-)

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