Jam Foods Angus Beef Tapa [Mercato Centrale]

If you haven't tried the Angus Beef Tapa from Jam Foods, then I must say you are missing a lot.

M and I agree (even our son W) that Jam Foods beef tapa is one of the best (if not the best) tapa versions we've tasted so far. Seriously.

Big Bob's Char-Grilled Burgers [Mercato Centrale]

Posting a full entry on a Wordless Wednesday? Haha! Sorry I can't keep myself from posting away.Xoxo.
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We treated my nephews to Mercato Centrale one weekend. After looking around, they settled for Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers for their big breakfast. 

Inspiration Mind Maps by Paul Foreman


Ways to Sleep Early and Beat Insomnia

I am a self-confessed summer insomniac.
Weird aye?
It is not really the heat or anxiety (like M thinks it is).
I think I developed this after the series of medical treatments I went through.

There's no confirmed cause but my doc says it may be because of a lot of different factors.
Though I've been prescribed to take sleep inducing pills when it gets worse,
I refrain as I don't want to be dependent.

photo source [LINK]

BBC Book List Meme

I am a book lover. Mike could attest that I'd rather spend my money on books than on shoes or bags. Yup he asked me to strike 'bag' out. Haha!
When I was given an option to have an attic built in our house, turning it into a library was the first thing that came to my mind. Who would've thought...I now have a library of my own! Sometimes, I just go upstairs and stare at my book collection. I love my books so much. Teehee. =)
photo source: [LINK]

Empire's Macarons [Mercato Centrale]

Becoming increasingly popular nowadays, this pastel-colored meringue-based confection is very pleasing to the eyes. I mean, other than our sense of smell, we use our sight first to determine if we want to eat something or not right?

green macarons anyone? it's pistachio flavored! my favorite in the lot.

Leptospirosis - Detection and Prevention

It is scary how typhoon Falcon very much reminds us of Ondoy. People are now more cautious, thank God! Since flooding is inevitable, here I am writing about Leptospirosis and hopefully help people take care of themselves more. =) Be safe everyone! 
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I find it annoying whenever I see kids (and adults alike) wading in the fetid and disgusting flood water. I wonder why despite the awarenes that the water is dirty, parents let their kids swim in as if it is a giant pool.

Photo is reposted from this site

Summer Palace in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

Dad celebrated his birthday a few years ago at Summer Palace in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. After choosing between Heat and Summer Palace, we ended up reserving a function room at the latter. The function room was across the main dining hall which is open to walk-in diners.

chandelier in the function room

Baked by Anita [Mercato Centrale]

If you're going to ask me to pick my Top 5 favorite merchants in Mercato Centrale, I will surely include 'Baked by Anita'

I have recently developed fondness for anything cupcake-y, muffin-y and yummy! I've been repeatedly baking Chocolate cupcakes and Red Velvet cupcakes just to perfect the recipes I found somewhere out there and tweaking them to make them better. 

It is a delight to see such cute mini-cupcakes from Baked by Anita. I failed to buy some on my first ever visit to Mercato Centrale but I made sure that in the visits that followed, I'm able to taste each flavor they have to offer. 

My 2011 Emerging Influential Blogs Picks

I follow a lot of blogs for a variety of reasons. Mostly because the authors post entries that interest me, affect me or simply entertain me. The blogosphere is my respite from all the craziness in my life. I like reading blogs that I can relate to - blogs that can influence me and help me improve as a person.

After reading about Ms. Janette Toral's blog post about the start of nominations of this year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs, I started blog-hopping and checked out which blogs on my feed reader are gaining influence over the blogosphere. You may also want to make your post and vote for your own bets - just read this post for details.

Here's my partial list (in no particular order):

Superboink's Bid to the 2011 EIB

Hi everyone!
I recently submitted my shortlist of nominees in the 2011 Emerging Influential Blogs.
Part of that list is this blog, 'The (Mis)Adventures of Superboink'

This blog was born February 17, 2011 and the posts appearing on my archives earlier that the said date are from my old and inactive blogs
- me uncensored and madlyfairandsquare -
both running under Blogger before.
I imported them for repository purposes.
If you will check, most if not all entries are my medical condition-related posts and are merely reminders of the medical milestones I shared in my previous blogs.

The (Mis)Adventures of Superboink is not a continuation of the above-mentioned previous blogs. It started on a clean slate, has a different tone and now mostly focuses on motherhood and food.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Daddy, you are the best!
I love you!
I'll always be your baby girl. =)

Father's Day!

Photo source: ^^^

To my dad, my brothers, M and my lolos,
Thanks for being great dads in your own ways.

Pork Binagoongan (Pork in Shrimp Paste)

This is one dish I love but rarely cook. M is allergic to shrimps and well, bagoong a.k.a. shrimp paste is...go figure. =)

While in the US, my lolo would always ask me to cook this. Since his passing, I cook this dish in remembrance of him. I can clearly recall how the smell of bagoong would fill our apartment in Long Beach and how, in a mix of distaste and craving the neighbors would ask what I was cooking. =)

Chicken Stir-fry

On days when I need hot food quick and fast, my sure bet is making a stir-fry. I include fresh vegetables (not the frozen ones) to make the meal nutritious as well. 

Since the kids are back to school, we moms (dads and guardians as well) are also back to our crazy schedules. Sometimes, preparing food for our family seems to be a chore that we just resort to take-aways and food deliveries. I am no Rachael Ray but surely, I can tell you that stir-fry meals may be your best friend. =)

Wednesday Break

 Will skip posting a full entry today.
My hand's acting up,
the AC adaptor of my modem has to be replaced,
and I still have to finish labelling W's school things.
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

World Blood Donor Day

Blood saves lives.
And I am a living testimony to that.
Having been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia last 2005, I have received numerous blood transfusions - blood from family, friends and even people I do not know.
Clean and safe donated blood from responsible donors goes a long way - for a child with dengue, a girl with anemia, a woman who lost a lot of blood while giving birth and a lot of cancer patients.

Onion Soup

Soup for the cold weather! 
I'm actually feeling tired (and still dizzy because of my low blood pressure) so I just made this super easy soup for me and my son. It's surprisingly refreshing!

Pinoy Picadillo (Minced Beef Soup)

We had this dish a few days back. (Backlogs, yes!)
I've made this recipe a few times already but it's only recently that I learned that I can actually call it Picadillo.

Picadillo means 'minced meat' in Spanish. Filipinos (like me) most often associate it with ground meat, specifically beef. If I got it right, Latin American Picadillo is prepared more like our Carioca or Arroz Ala Cubana (which is another 'imported' dish).

Manang's Chicken [Mercato Centrale]

It took me awhile to publish this post mainly because each time I open the draft, I seem to be at a loss for superlatives to use to describe Manang's Chicken.

Sino si Manang?

Banapple Banoffee Pie

I'll let you in a secret - I've never eaten in Banapple yet! Yup! Not inside their cutesy restaurant. It's probably because it is always full when we come by and I'm not really a fan of eating in crowded places, much more of waiting too long before I can eat.

Anyway, inspite of that 'secret' I am still a fan of their pies and cakes (but take-aways). Their pasta dishes are also good I've heard, and that's next on my to-do list. 

this is it!

Max's Restaurant Chicken-All-You-Can

I am seriously considering taking my nephew K to Max's to experience this.

photo from the Max's website

Published in Yummy Magazine!

Yay! *Sorry for the grainy and blurry pic. My N900 hasn't been functioning well since the last time I dropped it.*

Home Repairs Before the Rainy Days

In my recent post, I told you about the repairs we had at home and how I went about cleaning the dust, dirt and extra stuff we still have not managed to sort since we moved late last year. It was great timing also that we were able to have leaks and cracks sealed by the workers while they were here.

We moved last November and inspite of the occasional rains we've been getting, we still haven't noticed leaks and cracks from the roof and firewall until recently (with Chedeng). I am so paranoid that I wanted our house sealed, safe and sound to protect us from any future natural calamities. Any water coming in small holes (even in the AC slot freaks me out, so there. *blushes*

photo credit: blindgossip.com
I think that the best solution is preventive maintenance. Instead of waiting for your roof to be blown away by gusty wind, have your latero (tinsmith) fix it. If you think your doors and windows need repairs, call your carpenter to help you out. There's going to be a long list for all you know...

Here's a part of a checklist I made for myself to guide me which parts of the house I should check always. Hope you find it useful as well. =D

Mochiko Mochi Ice Cream [Mercato Centrale]

I am officially ticking off #13 in my Birthday Wishlist. Thanks to Mercato Centrale, I've been able to satisfy my mochi ice cream craving without having to travel to Tagaytay.

Good thing though that we were early for Midnight Mercato so I was still able to get myself some because Mochiko almost always runs out of mochi ice cream early both on the daytime and night time shifts.

Sale Alert: Living Well Homestore, SM MOA from June1 to 30

Renovation Sale at Living Well Homestore, SM Mall of Asia!

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Book Sale Alert: Nicholas Sparks Books from May21 to June30

Are you a chick-lit lover like me?
Do you love books by Nicholas Sparks?
Then this is the sale for us!

1. 40% discount on Safe Haven trade paper
2. 20% discount on ALL Nicholas Sparks books EXCEPT New Format of Safe Haven
3. Participating branches: All Powerbooks in Metro Manila
4. Promo period: May 21 to June 30, 2011
5. No combination of promos including Loyalty Card

*Just reposting and sharing!*

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Turon (Saba Banana Spring Rolls)

Our summers are never complete without banana-Q's, halo-halo and turon. My FIL would send us freshly harvested saba bananas to take home from their place. I'd make a variety of snacks and dishes from the hands of bananas we have and so far, turon is the family's summer favorite this year.

Turon (Saba Banana Spring Rolls)

Saba bananas, peeled (halved lengthwise if it's too thick)
Lumpia wrappers
Brown sugar
Jackfruit slices/slivers (Langka) or Cheese slices *optional
Cinnamon powder *optional
water for sealing the wrapper edges

How to do it:
Roll the bananas into the brown sugar.
Sprinkle with cinnamon powder generously then with a slice of jackfruit (or cheese), cover with the lumpia wrapper.
Seal the edges with water.
Deep-fry over medium to high heat until the wrapper is golden brown and crispy.
You may serve it with ice cream like what I usually do! =D
:: :: ::


Sarciadong Bangus (Pan-Fried Milkfish with Tomato Sauce)

I only like 'sarciado' in two fishes - bangus (fillet/belly - milkfish) and galunggong (mackarel scad). The tomato sauce enhances the flavor the way I like it that's why. So when I received frozen boneless bangus packs ,  without second thought, I decided to make this recipe. =D 

Sarciadong Bangus (Pan-Fried Milkfish with Tomato Sauce)

1kg of milkfish, boneless and sliced
2tsp salt
a dash of ground black pepper
juice of 1pc lemon
1/2cup of flour
oil for frying
1T garlic, chopped
1pc of medium-sized onion, chopped
1 1/4 cups of tomatoes, chopped
1/2cup water
2T soy sauce
salt and pepper, to taste
2pcs eggs, lightly beaten
2T spring onions, chopped *optional

How to do it:
Season bangus with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
Dredge in flour then fry until golden. 
Drain on paper towels and keep warm while making the sauce.
In a skillet, saute the onions and garlic.
Add the tomatoes, water and soy sauce. 
Allow the sauce to simmer for 5 minutes, adding some more water if it dries up too fast.
Pour in the beaten eggs and stir slowly to prevent the egg from forming into a big clump.
Season with salt and pepper.
When done, pour over the fried bangus then garnish with chopped spring onions.
:: :: ::


Sale Alert: Gourdo's Gateway Renovation Sale May23 - June6

Yay! Got to check this out! =D 

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Low Blood Pressure: Medical Log [June2]

photo credit: steussy.com
I had my medical check-up last Friday, May 27. I've been feeling light-headed every night for two weeks prior to my check-up (which makes it three weeks now) and found out only on the latter week that I've been moving about with only 80/40 blood pressure just before I retire to bed.

I was taking a shower two Sunday nights ago when I suddenly felt like I was about to collapse. I called on M to help me get to our bed and he rushed downstairs to get my blood pressure monitor. My reading recorded 84/44 (it's digital, so I'm rounding off to the nearest 10s) hence, 80/40. We repeated the reading after 5minutes and it was still the same. (We checked every 30minutes until I felt too weak, and fell asleep.)

We're equipped in dealing with high blood pressure since my chemotherapy days but not on low BP. All I know is that I should lie down with my legs elevated to help pump back the blood to my head/brain. M made me drink lots of water as we knew that dehydration is one possible factor why people get low blood pressure. I told M that if it gets lower or I'll look paler, he better bring to the nearest ER.

I was extra cautious on the succeeding days as M commented that I was still looking pale and weak. I went on with my usual household routine and monitored my blood pressure throughout the day. I am not taking any medications and definitely not dehydrated (as I made a conscious effort to keep myself hydrated - just to eliminate the dehydrated factor in identifying the cause of my hypotension.)

My morning BP (just upon waking up, and still on the bed) records 110/70 (my high normal). My usual BP for the record is about 100/60 or 90/60 even after some running. Throughout the day my BP fluctuates from 90/50, 80/40 back to 110/70. This is truly weird.

Another thing that bothers me is that I feel tired easily. I remember the days when I had really low hemoglobin, and that is how I feel right now. I am having shortness of breath especially when going up and down the stairs. Good thing, that my recent blood test show that I my hgb is still within the normal range, and as my doctor would put it, "Perfectly fine."

Since she (my doctor) thinks that everything's fine with my blood, she asked me to undergo a 2D Echocardiogram with Doppler to check my heart. I scheduled the test in St. Luke's Medical Center in E.Rodriguez and I had to break the bank to pay Php6600+ for it. I got the results the day after and based on the reading, my heart is okay except for some mild regurgitation.

I cannot fully interpret the results or even second-guess what's happening so I'm seeing my cardiologist perhaps next week. I also had my lipid profile test done just so I have my complete lab results taken into account for whatever diagnosis he may have.
:: :: ::
As of this writing, my bp reads 90/50. Crazy. I am sitting on our bed typing away in my laptop. The last meal I took was over an hour ago. I am slightly dizzy but still manageable. I am definitely not pregnant. M tells me to go to sleep now. Teehee. Bye and Goodnight!


Book Sale Alert: Powerbooks SM MOA

The Mechanics are as follows:

1. Up to 80% discount on imported books
2. Sale period: June 1 to 15, 2011 only
3. X, XP items, and magazines not included
4. No combination of promos including Loyalty Card program.

*Just reposting and sharing! =D


Lemon Chicken

My dearest readers, I've been so tired from cleaning up that my body is sore. I had to spend the whole day yesterday taking quick naps in between my usual house chores. Anyway, I still have a lot of recipe post backlogs so  here goes...

Lemon Chicken

1 1/2kg chicken breast fillet, cut into nugget-size chunks
4tsp light soy sauce
2tsp salt
1/2tsp ground white pepper
2pcs eggs, slightly beaten
1cup cornstarch, for dredging
oil for deep frying
For the Lemon Sauce:
2T lemon juice
1T sugar
2tsp salt
2tsp sesame oil
2tsp cornstarch, dissolved in...
1T chicken stock
1 1/4cups chicken stock

How to do it:
Season chicken with light soy sauce, salt and pepper.
Marinate for at least six (6) hours inside the chiller/refrigerator.
Remove the chicken from the chiller then add the eggs.
Dredge in cornstarch and pat each piece well until covered.
Fry the chicken over medium heat until cooked. Set aside.
To make the sauce, combine all the ingredients (for the sauce) in a saucepan.
Stir constantly over medium heat until sauce thickens.
You may choose to just pour the sauce over the chicken pieces or,
add the chicken pieces while the sauce is still simmering, and toss until well coated.
:: :: ::

M says this lemon chicken recipe is great because the lemon sauce is not too overpowering unlike the ready-mix sauce available in supermarkets. 
This dish is great to make if you're running short of time especially during parties. =D

*Recipe is adapted from 'Shipshape' recipe book by Glenda Rosales-Barretto


Cleaning Up After Doing Home Repairs

Our house is barely a year old but repairs are already necessary to prevent further damage brought about by natural elements (and apparently, man-made errors). The house is in a good state, other than our kitchen sink that never really functioned well since the beginning. It seems like I committed a stupid mistake by not testing all our pipe lines a lot of times before the construction wrapped-up. I thought the water flow and drain will improve through time. Sadly, I was wrong.

We have decided to push through with the repairs last weekend. I made sure important things were covered to protect them from dust and debris. We watched, checked and prayed so hard that this time the workers will get it right.

Despite taking preventive measures, the dirt and dust as well as all the things we took out from the storage area (which is where the new pipe line was laid) still overwhelmed us me. M took a leave from work last Saturday so there's no stopping him from going back last Monday given the load of office work he has to do. I am left with a house to clean all by myself while looking after my son W.

My mom was worried sick last weekend after she saw how messy our house was. She knew I wasn't feeling well the past weeks and is concerned that I might not be able to finish cleaning up. My dad even commented, "Bagong lipat lang kayo?" (Have you just moved?) jokingly after he saw boxes piled up in our dining area. I am the one accountable for all those mess because I am not yet done unpacking boxes since our move last November

The clean-up after the repair was like shooting two birds with one stone. I cleaned the house and unpacked/sorted the items in the pile of boxes. It was a feat to finish in three tiring but fruitful days. The floors are shiny, the furniture are sparkling, and the kitchen sink is like spanking new. I was overwhelmed at first but took on the challenge - we cannot live in a house so dirty! 

photo from the cleaningcouple.com

How I Dealt with 'The Dirt and Mess'

PLAN - It took me just 10 minutes to write down my 'Things to do" and "Attack Plan" but those 10 precious minutes saved me a lot of time because I knew the sequence of areas I shall clean, thus minimizing repetitions and wasted effort. I have this habit of picking things to do randomly. Oftentimes, I fail to finish the task on time because I get easily distracted by another 'random' thing so planning is a must for me.

PREPARE - Have all the cleaning materials on hand to ensure the smooth flow of work. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is working and rags are aplenty. Also, wear protective gear to keep you safe - dust masks, hand gloves and even goggles. I am actually not allowed in dusty environments because of my health condition so all the more that I have to wear those.

DELEGATE - This is actually what I missed as I don't have M around to help me. Good thing my son W is very responsible and reliable. He helped me indirectly by taking phone calls, taking things upstairs and by just being a good boy while mommy is very busy cleaning. When M arrived home from work, I asked him to lift the heavy stuff as well as sort some of his belongings for keeping/throwing.

BE SYSTEMATIC - This I learned from my parents. I follow the Top-to-Bottom, Left-to-Right, Back-to-Front, Inside-Out, Dry-Wet Rules. The 'Top' areas are most often the most neglected and the dustiest among all. When you remove the dirt from the top, you won't have to worry if the dirt lands on the floor because you'll get to it later on. I use the Left-to-Right Rule to make sure I never miss any shelf or area. Same reasons for doing the back-front and inside-out rules.  Doing the Dry(dusting/sweeping/vacuuming/etc)-to-Wet(wiping/mopping/applying cleansers,etc) method minimizes the dirt floating around the area that will stick to wet surfaces, making it longer to clean.

:: :: ::
Cleaning after the home repair jumpstarted the 'Mrs. Clean' in me. I am now cleaning our room upstairs even if I'm still not scheduled to do so. Haha! 

Do you know of other tips that can help us clean up better after doing home repairs? Share it with us by posting a comment below. =D