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Wedding Preparations

First off, it's not my wedding. Haha!
Someone very dear to me is getting married in a few days time, and I'm running around like crazy because there's still a lot of work to do (my tasks as MOH).

I have yet to practice some songs - ohhhkaaay, all-around ata ako...
So I am singing in her reception too. Haha...

Here are my cheesy songs --- will have my nephew sing the male parts.
Will try to post an mp3 version of our duet.
Please pray for the success of the event. *Crosses fingers*

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RSM Lutong Bahay

RSM is famous for their Bulalo.
And surely their Bulalo is love!

Bale Dutung [Mercato Centrale]


Joey Pepperoni

I have to admit that I can't even remember when this Joey Pepperoni food tripping happened. Definitely months. Haha. (Late post much?)

This is Your Life, Do What You Love: The Holstee Manifesto


Catching Up

Forgive my absence.
It's been a week or so, and I am still trying to experiment on my routines.
Catching up on blogging is in the middle of my long list of to do's.

I still have to write about Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical, my overdue Spiral Buffet pig-out (which happened twice already a few weeks apart), over two months worth of recipes, some motherhood insights I get to ponder on day to day.

You have to see my blogger drafts.

I've placed reading in higher priority as I want to catch up on the pile of new books on my bedside. I'm getting excited for Hunger Games - with the casting being revealed already.

We watch movies more often now. I was wondering how long it has been since the last time we were like this but it feels good now that W is also with us to enjoy. No more BF-GF dates. Wholesome family quality time indeed. Yesterday we watched Captain America. Ohh. I haven't even blogged about my review of Thor, XMen First Class, Transformers...gah.

I'm typ…

Hizon's Catering and their Birthday Party Blow-out Cause


Anger Management and the Angry Birds


ARUGA: An Art Exhibit for the PSHS Indigent Students

:: :: :: :: ::

Humba-Adobo (HumbAdobo)

I am kind of torn if I love Monday or not. =D
When things start to get crazy within the week, I find myself rushing things like cooking. Well that happens when I have everything planned out and suddenly something comes up and I have to deal with it right away. 
As a back-up plan, whenever I am not that busy (like some weekends, see some? teehee!) I cook meals ahead and keep it inside the fridge for reheating later on. Given that, I am always on the hunt for food that doesn't spoil easily and keeps in the fridge well.
This humba version may not be the "real" humba some of us know of, but this is the Humba I grew up eating - cooked especially for us by my grandmother.

Minatamis na Saba (Sweetened Saba Bananas)

I tried experimenting with Minatamis na Saba - slightly improving the gooey texture it renders when it's kept for sometime in the fridge. This version may come off a bit too sweet at first, but once you chew on the saba, the acidity of the lemon will balance it out.

Herb Crusted Lapu-Lapu Fillet

I was given fresh Lapu-Lapu (fish) from down south by my mom. After planning to have it steamed for the weekend together with the ginataang alimango (crab with coconut cream - that I'll also cook), I have decided to fillet it instead and rub some herbs for our dinner.

Salami and Egg Breakfast Basket

Oh no, this recipe is definitely NOT complicated at all. Haha. This is probably one of the cutest food prep I made (though I could have done much better).  :: :: ::

Dairy Queen (DQ)

Love. It takes almost nothing except each other's company to enjoy when my son W and I are together. A simple joke, (corny at that) can make us burp and fart really hard from laughing. Hahaha! 
Sometimes, no matter how tight my budget is, I still make it a point to treat W to something new and cool. A short trip to Dairy Queen proved to be a great bonding moment for us. He enjoys ice cream as much as I do - and I just wanted to prove to him that before Selecta came up with their extra creamy version, it is DQ who serves their ice cream upside-down. =)

Philippine Science High School Admission Test

Philippine Science High School , the country's premiere secondary educational institution is still accepting admission applicants until this Friday, July 15
Getting into Pisay is surely no easy feat but if you do, you will be given a quality education "enriched in science and mathematics" that's designed for "exceptionally gifted Filipino children." You are also privileged to study without paying for any tuition fee and you get free loan of textbooks. Top that with monthly stipends (you're being paid for just studying well, how cool is that?!) and if you come from a low-income family, you may be eligible to receive uniform, transportation and living allowances.

Corned Beef Hash Frittata

A frittata is different from an omelette. Yes. 
Frittatas are prepared and cooked with the meat/veggies "add-ons" incorporated in the beaten egg mixture already. An omelette on the other hand has the "add-ons" placed on the egg when it's almost cooked, then folded. It's mainly on the way the additional ingredients are added to the egg. =)
Hence, I'll stop calling this an omelette. Teeheehee. =D

Chicken Sotanghon Soup

It sure beats the stress out of me when I have a bowl of steaming noodle soup to comfort me. The soup soothes and is perfect for cold, rainy days like today. 
My sister loves this so much. Ahh, I'm missing her already even if it's still months before her wedding. =)

Ginisang Sayote (Sauteed Chayote)

It has been customary at home to have a vegetable dish to go with any (dry - fried/steamed) fish or meat dish in a meal. We were taught that vegetables are important so there's rarely a meal without them when we were growing up.
Sometimes, we would kid our lola (grandmother) how for her love of us apos (grandkids) she'd include a lot of meat in the vegetable side-dish that it almost looks good enough to be the main meal. We got so used to her style of cooking that now that I am already the one doing the cooking for my family...well, I also put a lot of meat in my veggie dishes turning it to a one-pot meal. Teehee! Ahh...I love my lola so much!

Maid-of-Honor Duties

It is a privilege to serve as someone's maid-of-honor, much more if it's your sister getting married.  We are truly happy for her and her soon-to-be husband. =)

African Chicken Stew

It seems like I'm running out of better ideas on how to cook chicken so one day, I opened a cookbook for help. I chanced upon this recipe - African Chicken Stew - which is believed to be from West Africa. 
The good thing about this dish is that no matter how it sounds exotic, it is actually very easy to make - with ingredients easily found and can even be modified to whatever's readily on-hand. Another thing I liked about it is that it is already a one-pot meal with vegetables.
W liked it!  :: :: ::

Pinwheel Cookies

When kids arrive home from school what do you usually give them? 
Sometimes, I worry that if I give W a heavy snack, he might skip dinner and feel hungry late in the evening.  Also, there are times when I am too busy attending to other things that I don't have the time to whip up some freshly cooked pancakes or even pasta for merienda.

Serenitea - Not your Ordinary Cup of Tea

When we watched X-Men First Class in Eastwood a few weeks back, I asked M if he's game walking towards Cyberzone Plaza, which is over a hundred steps away from where we were. He said okay, so with W in tow we headed to Serenitea's newest branch.

Johnny Rockets, Eastwood Mall

Johnny Rockets' here!
The famous California burger joint opened its first Asian franchise here in Quezon City a few years back. With the same diner-style decor and famous milkshake and burgers, Johnny Rockets brought about so much anticipation to Filipino burger-lovers.
I was able to dine at Johnny Rockets in California a couple of times. The one I frequented was in Long Beach, beside the movie house. My favorites: their Route 66 burger and strawberry milkshake with malt. I am also enthralled by the cutesie 50's diner style interior design, complete with diner booths and jukeboxes.
Everyone wanted to try Johnny Rockets despite reviews that this Manila franchise is way too expensive (Read: triple McDonalds' price). So yay!

(L) Signage and (R) Restaurant entrance/facade

Fried Cream Dory Fillet with Honey-Mayo Sauce

What sets a Cream Dory fish apart from the ranks of tilapia or bangus is that it has a mild taste and soft, silky and almost melt-in-your-mouth texture (if prepared just right). Sometimes I wonder, isn't all kinds of fish like that? But each time I eat a cream dory, I get that enticing aroma and enjoyable feeling bite after bite that I don't usually experience with other cooked fish.

Mercato Centrale: The Round Up

It is quite hard to put every thought and feelings one has in just one post. I for one, can't seem to determine how to share stories about the many different merchants in Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato.

I therefore conclude (ala high school science experiment a-ha! moment...) to just make a 'Round-Up' Post while I continually create new posts about specific products and merchants.  (LOL see my list of backlogged posts). =D
Here goes:

Jam Foods Angus Beef Tapa [Mercato Centrale]

If you haven't tried the Angus Beef Tapa from Jam Foods, then I must say you are missing a lot.
M and I agree (even our son W) that Jam Foods beef tapa is one of the best (if not the best) tapa versions we've tasted so far. Seriously.

Big Bob's Char-Grilled Burgers [Mercato Centrale]

Posting a full entry on a Wordless Wednesday? Haha! Sorry I can't keep myself from posting away.Xoxo. :: :: :: We treated my nephews to Mercato Centrale one weekend. After looking around, they settled for Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers for their big breakfast. 

Inspiration Mind Maps by Paul Foreman


Ways to Sleep Early and Beat Insomnia

I am a self-confessed summer insomniac. Weird aye? It is not really the heat or anxiety (like M thinks it is). I think I developed this after the series of medical treatments I went through.
There's no confirmed cause but my doc says it may be because of a lot of different factors. Though I've been prescribed to take sleep inducing pills when it gets worse, I refrain as I don't want to be dependent.

BBC Book List Meme

I am a book lover. Mike could attest that I'd rather spend my money on books than on shoes or bags. Yup he asked me to strike 'bag' out. Haha!
When I was given an option to have an attic built in our house, turning it into a library was the first thing that came to my mind. Who would've thought...I now have a library of my own! Sometimes, I just go upstairs and stare at my book collection. I love my books so much. Teehee. =)

Empire's Macarons [Mercato Centrale]

Becoming increasingly popular nowadays, this pastel-colored meringue-based confection is very pleasing to the eyes. I mean, other than our sense of smell, we use our sight first to determine if we want to eat something or not right?

Leptospirosis - Detection and Prevention

It is scary how typhoon Falcon very much reminds us of Ondoy. People are now more cautious, thank God! Since flooding is inevitable, here I am writing about Leptospirosis and hopefully help people take care of themselves more. =) Be safe everyone!  :: :: :: I find it annoying whenever I see kids (and adults alike) wading in the fetid and disgusting flood water. I wonder why despite the awarenes that the water is dirty, parents let their kids swim in as if it is a giant pool.
Photo is reposted from this site

Summer Palace in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel

Dad celebrated his birthday a few years ago at Summer Palace in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. After choosing between Heat and Summer Palace, we ended up reserving a function room at the latter. The function room was across the main dining hall which is open to walk-in diners.

Baked by Anita [Mercato Centrale]

If you're going to ask me to pick my Top 5 favorite merchants in Mercato Centrale, I will surely include 'Baked by Anita'
I have recently developed fondness for anything cupcake-y, muffin-y and yummy! I've been repeatedly baking Chocolate cupcakes and Red Velvet cupcakes just to perfect the recipes I found somewhere out there and tweaking them to make them better. 
It is a delight to see such cute mini-cupcakes from Baked by Anita. I failed to buy some on my first ever visit to Mercato Centrale but I made sure that in the visits that followed, I'm able to taste each flavor they have to offer. 

Gandhi's Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World


My 2011 Emerging Influential Blogs Picks

I follow a lot of blogs for a variety of reasons. Mostly because the authors post entries that interest me, affect me or simply entertain me. The blogosphere is my respite from all the craziness in my life. I like reading blogs that I can relate to - blogs that can influence me and help me improve as a person.
After reading about Ms. Janette Toral's blog post about the start of nominations of this year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs, I started blog-hopping and checked out which blogs on my feed reader are gaining influence over the blogosphere. You may also want to make your post and vote for your own bets - just read this post for details.
Here's my partial list (in no particular order):

Superboink's Bid to the 2011 EIB

Hi everyone!
I recently submitted my shortlist of nominees in the 2011 Emerging Influential Blogs.
Part of that list is this blog, 'The (Mis)Adventures of Superboink'

This blog was born February 17, 2011 and the posts appearing on my archives earlier that the said date are from my old and inactive blogs
- me uncensored and madlyfairandsquare -
both running under Blogger before.
I imported them for repository purposes.
If you will check, most if not all entries are my medical condition-related posts and are merely reminders of the medical milestones I shared in my previous blogs.

The (Mis)Adventures of Superboink is not a continuation of the above-mentioned previous blogs. It started on a clean slate, has a different tone and now mostly focuses on motherhood and food.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Daddy, you are the best! I love you! I'll always be your baby girl. =)

Father's Day!

To my dad, my brothers, M and my lolos,Thanks for being great dads in your own ways.

Pork Binagoongan (Pork in Shrimp Paste)

This is one dish I love but rarely cook. M is allergic to shrimps and well, bagoong a.k.a. shrimp paste is...go figure. =)
While in the US, my lolo would always ask me to cook this. Since his passing, I cook this dish in remembrance of him. I can clearly recall how the smell of bagoong would fill our apartment in Long Beach and how, in a mix of distaste and craving the neighbors would ask what I was cooking. =)

Chicken Stir-fry

On days when I need hot food quick and fast, my sure bet is making a stir-fry. I include fresh vegetables (not the frozen ones) to make the meal nutritious as well. 
Since the kids are back to school, we moms (dads and guardians as well) are also back to our crazy schedules. Sometimes, preparing food for our family seems to be a chore that we just resort to take-aways and food deliveries. I am no Rachael Ray but surely, I can tell you that stir-fry meals may be your best friend. =)

Wednesday Break

Will skip posting a full entry today.
My hand's acting up,
the AC adaptor of my modem has to be replaced,
and I still have to finish labelling W's school things.
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

World Blood Donor Day

Blood saves lives.And I am a living testimony to that.Having been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia last 2005, I have received numerous blood transfusions - blood from family, friends and even people I do not know.Clean and safe donated blood from responsible donors goes a long way - for a child with dengue, a girl with anemia, a woman who lost a lot of blood while giving birth and a lot of cancer patients.

Onion Soup

Soup for the cold weather!  I'm actually feeling tired (and still dizzy because of my low blood pressure) so I just made this super easy soup for me and my son. It's surprisingly refreshing!

Pinoy Picadillo (Minced Beef Soup)

We had this dish a few days back. (Backlogs, yes!)
I've made this recipe a few times already but it's only recently that I learned that I can actually call it Picadillo.

Picadillo means 'minced meat' in Spanish. Filipinos (like me) most often associate it with ground meat, specifically beef. If I got it right, Latin American Picadillo is prepared more like our Carioca or Arroz Ala Cubana (which is another 'imported' dish).

Manang's Chicken [Mercato Centrale]

It took me awhile to publish this post mainly because each time I open the draft, I seem to be at a loss for superlatives to use to describe Manang's Chicken.

Banapple Banoffee Pie

I'll let you in a secret - I've never eaten in Banapple yet! Yup! Not inside their cutesy restaurant. It's probably because it is always full when we come by and I'm not really a fan of eating in crowded places, much more of waiting too long before I can eat.
Anyway, inspite of that 'secret' I am still a fan of their pies and cakes (but take-aways). Their pasta dishes are also good I've heard, and that's next on my to-do list. 

Max's Restaurant Chicken-All-You-Can

I am seriously considering taking my nephew K to Max's to experience this.

Published in Yummy Magazine!



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